Monday, December 3, 2007

7 students has been suspended

7 students has been suspended due to the cause of the protest at the inrogeration of the BIT । But Waht is 5th batch student doing? there batch 6th student now suspended. More than 5 student will be suspended in 5th batch, our new union president my be Suspend .

Hi all,

In my opinion I think that all those basters (except Warun Kanishka Perera) really deserve that punishment because of the way they handle the situation, I'm telling it like that because they never listen or respect what other people tells and if we tell something they tells us that "we are going Kade to Dr. Ajith Madurapperuma". And they really stress that on the last Union meeting ( which held prior to 2nd December). And one thing I must tell you that the one person who got involve in doing the site for BIT @UOM is a past office barer of TI faculty student union who did the protest very severely on the road in front of Borella premises but during the last thing he was not in the scene but I don't know what was his share. So what I can't understand is that are all these people shouting for $$? I think that everybody have a right to express their opinion, I also loved to here your true feedback on this.

When there are people around you when there is a bottle of Arrack and a packet of cigarettes I think the person who is giving them is not a friend he's a blood sucker.

Thank you.

Hayesha Somarathne.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Welcome to FITstudents Blog’s. This is First step to stop the BIT in UOM. Please enter your ideas about bit.

What do you think about article(New means of expanding higher education in Sri Lanka ) published in “The Sunday Times” on Sunday , October 08, 2006 written by Asoka S. Karunananda & Ajith Madurapperuma. Click on this link to for the blog.